Get Bitchin’ In The Kitchen: Send Us Your Favorite Recipes!

Hey there, ravenous readers! My growling belly and I are pleased to announce that, because cooking is fun and food is good, for the next two weeks, The Frisky will be all about “Gettin’ Bitchin’ In The Kitchen” at The Frisky! What does that mean? Well, first off, we’ll be featuring essays and funny/informative lists related to food and cooking, how to stock your kitchen with all the supplies you’ll need to take your culinary skills from “burnt toast” to “rockin’ pot roast,” and, of course, tons of recipes, including, I hope, your own. So, got a recipe that you want to share with us and your fellow Frisky readers? After the jump, find out how!

Email me — [email protected] — with the following by the end of the day on Wednesday, November 9:

1. The name of your recipe.

2. An ingredient list with measurements and special instructions (i.e. “diced,” “grated,” “roughly chopped,” etc.)

3. Cooking instructions. 

4. A photo of the finished dish (if you’ve got one) or just a picture of yourself (if you’d like). Otherwise, I shall use a stock photo that closely reflects the recipe you’ve send it.

Towards the end of next week, reader recipes will be featured in a slideshow and we can all enjoy them together … well, virtually. I am salivating already.