Do You Love, Hate Or Just Kinda Like Your Hair?

“Make Friends with Your Hair” is the aptly-named title of Dove’s recent survey that found that only 7 percent of 1,000 women actually love their hair. That’s a really sad statistic, but not all that surprising, because hair is a big friggin’ deal for women. Shockingly though, given the politics surrounding our hair, black women were twice as likely to vote that they love their hair than white women.

The survey also found that a dislike of their hair doesn’t stop women from giving it a lot of attention. Forty-five percent of women surveyed said that hair care is a higher priority than breakfast, while 39 percent said it’s more important than applying makeup, and 35 percent said it’s a higher priority than extra sleep. In addition, one in five women have canceled a social event or outing as a result of a bad hair day [Ed Note: I so feel this]. I know I tend to complain about my hair when it’s at its driest and dullest. Usually washing and grooming my locks solves that problem. But clearly we all need to make friends with our hair.

So do you love, like, or hate your hair? [Glamour]

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