10 Dating Tips I Learned From Halloween Movies

Horror movies might seem like the obvious choice for a night in with your date on Halloween, the scariness leading to inevitable cuddling. Yet the cannon of less terrifying spooky flicks can give you more helpful romance advice than your average self-help book. And really, do you want to watch a bunch of movies that teach you that after you have sex you’ll get chopped up by an ax murderer? Or one that shows you that even after a few indiscretions, ranging from marrying another to sleeping with a manic transsexual, your partner will be all too happy take you back, or at least join you in a water orgy? That’s the kind of lesson I want to learn as I slowly slip into a candy coma.

Molly is getting her MFA in writing for children and young adults at The New School. Her pieces have appeared on Nerve.com, Crushable.com, TheFasterTimes.com, Ology.com and many other sites. She tweets at @molly_horanThis piece originally appeared on How About We’s blog The Date Report.