Paz De La Huerta’s Shocking Transformation!

There’s no shame in my eternal, abiding love for Paz de la Huerta. I love her bizarrely over-pronounced acting on “Boardwalk Empire.” I love her hilarious video ad for Joe’s Jeans. I love her sartorial shortcomings. I love her choice of garish lipstick hues. I love her sweaty, disheveled red carpet appearances. I love her assault case, in which she was accused of throwing a drink at a reality star. I love her claim that the ghost of Elvis gave her an orgasm. Basically, I am not surprised or alarmed by anything she does, or anything that comes out of her mouth. I relish her insanity and revel in it.

However, I am simply SHOCKED by what she wore out of the house on Monday night to the world premiere of the new Eddie Murphy and Ben Stiller flick Tower Heist. See what I’m talking about after the jump.

My girl Paz looks normal. Pretty, even! The dress, the hair, the makeup… it all looks good. This from the woman who has been known to make public appearances looking like this:

This may have something to do with her sobriety since March. I am so impressed, and I hope Paz keeps it up. Maybe then people will stop looking at me like I should be caged when I bring up her gloriousness in conversation.