Beauty Test Drive: L’Oreal Colour Riche Le Gloss

I’m going to be honest: what initially drew me to L’Oreal Colour Riche Le Gloss was the packaging. I’m the first to admit that I’m a sucker for advertising — I don’t even wear lip gloss. But I laid eyes on Le Gloss at a drugstore chain where I was in a rush to a) catch a train and b) make a credit card minimum. Le Gloss was in my line of vision, I liked the color in the tube and the minimalist design, and so I bought it. 

Hello, this stuff is glorious! 

Call me a convert, because I’ve been wearing it every day, and reapplying every chance I get. For real! I’m one of those girls now, applying lip gloss constantly. Le Gloss looks really shiny on but it isn’t sticky, meaning my hair doesn’t gravitate to it. I’ve applied just a little bit for a sheer wash of color and applied heavier coats for an opaque, pigmented look. It smells and tastes delicious, like minty vanilla, and it doesn’t chap my lips (which is a rarity for me). I’m not a scientist, so looking at the ingredients I couldn’t tell you what chemicals are in it, or if it’s actually full of bad sh*t, but … it has vitamin E! And argan oil! I can’t stop myself from putting it on so I’m not too sure how long it lasts, however, I’ve read various reviews and many of them claim it lasts 6+ hours. My mom likes it, too, and says it stays on her all day. 

My Le Gloss is in the shade Really Rose, which is just a few shades darker than my natural lip color, and it has no sparkle. My favorite look is that “my lips but better” type of thing and this lip gloss achieves that goal perfectly. Le Gloss comes in 16 shades, according to the L’Oreal website. So I guess I have a lot more to try!

[L’Oreal Colour Riche Le Gloss Collection, $5.99]