Today’s Lady News: UK Ditches Sexist Royal Succession Rules

  • The British Commonwealth States have changed the rules of royal succession so a firstborn daughter can be in line for the throne, rather than the crown passing to the firstborn son. [Jezebel]
  • Female employees of Walmart have filed another gender discrimination lawsuit against the company. A class-action lawsuit alleging widespread gender discrimination failed earlier this year because the women, who held different jobs in different parts of the country, were not seen as a “class.” [Reuters]
  • An accused rapist portrayed himself in court as an irresistible ladies’ man, a somewhat tragic-comedic scenario. [NY Daily News]
  • On the meaning of “reproductive justice.” [In These Times]
  • Watch a clip from the PBS documentary, “The Independent Woman,” about women’s changing role in society. []
  • Can I get an abortion here? An abortion rights map of the world. [GOOD]
  • Do sex scandals in Italy’s government make it harder for Italian women to be taken seriously in the workplace? [Ms. Magazine]
  • Libya’s civil war has apparently made its young men into “marriageable heroes.” [Foreign Policy]