Fashion By The Numbers

This week we’re unveiling a new Friday feature: Fashion By The Numbers. At the end of every week we’ll round up our favorite style stories in a handy numerical list. Today we have stats on seductive pumpkins, astronomically expensive lingerie, and the favorite heel heights of Frisky commenters.

Read on for the juicy details…

3: Types of eyewear (including a monocle!) worn by the jack-o-lanterns designed by Warby Parker for Vogue.

1: Number of seductively posed pumpkins featured in October 25th’s What Are We Wearing Today.

2.5 Million: Value, in dollars, of the recently unveiled Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Treasure Bra.

40: Number of schools that could be constructed in Haiti for the price of the Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Treasure Bra.

7: Highest heel, in inches, Frisky reader Jennifer will wear, which makes her the reigning High Heel Queen. (3.5 inches was the most popular height.)

2.5: Maximum length, in inches, of Bill Clinton’s short shorts in this priceless photo. (Estimating Al Gore’s length is a whole different story…)

130,000: Final selling price, in dollars, of Princess Beatrice’s crazy pretzel wedding hat in an eBay auction.

39.99: Price, in dollars, of a replica of that hat featured in our Princess Beatrice Halloween Inspiration Board. (What a deal!)

5: Number of free Halloween costume options you’ll find in this handy flowchart.

13: Days until Snooki unveils her holiday gift collection on the Home Shopping Network.

1 in 5: Projected number of people who will dress up as Snooki this weekend (down from 1 in 2 last year–we’re on the right track!).