Carey Mulligan Says It Was Easier To Get Naked Than Sing On Screen

“It’s scarier to sing than to do nudity. Singing is like really exposing yourself. I was playing sort of a singer, so I was pretending to have a talent I don’t necessarily believe I have. So singing was quite scary.”

Carey Mulligan tells E! Online that having to sing in her upcoming film “Shame” (directed by Steve McQueen) was more difficult for her to do than going full-frontal, which she also does in the rated NC-17 flick. After the jump, she explains why she decided to bare all.

“I’ve never felt it was appropriate with any other characters I’ve played so I’ve never done it. And I’ve never enjoyed the prospect of it either. But it’s so her. It was so exactly who she is, so it felt right.”

In “Shame,” Mulligan plays the troubled sister of a sex addict (played by Michael Fassbender, who also gets totally nekkid in the film, thank goodness) who comes to live with him in New York. Mulligan sings the classic song “New York, New York” in the film, but something tells me she probably sings much better than she lets on. Personally, I am a terrible, terrible, terrible singer, but I would still rather belt out an out of tune rendition of “Somebody to Love” on film than show my Britney. But then again, I have spent many, many years going to karaoke bars. [E! Online]