Sorry, But I Can’t Get Behind This Pajamas-As-Daywear Thing

I’m sorry, trendy girls, for what I am about to say. But your pajamas-as-daywear thing? It’s a stupid look. A very, very comfortable look, to be sure. (I am a professional blogger and I know of what I speak!) But me and everyone else who sees you wearing pajama bottoms and a top out to dinner at Chez Frommage thinks, Why didn’t she get dressed?I’m not talking about women who shop at Tar-jay in their Tweetie Bird pajama bottoms or college girls who wear the same “JUICY” sweatpants that they slept in last night to class. Both of those sartorial no-nos are other blog posts entirely. I am talking specifically about the sleepwear-as-daywear trend which Lucky magazine says first originated on Dolce and Gabbana’s spring 2009 runway show and which designer Rachel Roy wore on the “One Day” red carpet this September.

Rachel Roy is talented, gorgeous and creative (and nice! I met her once!); she is kind of the perfect person to rock an offbeat outfit without looking like she is trying too hard. But all the lovely things I have to say about her can’t change the fact that she looks like she rolled out of bed … slipped on some heels …. applied some makeup and attended a red carpet event … in her pajamas. Why, Rachel? I want to ask. Why?

Lucky offers a few good suggestions for ladies who want to try the pajamas-as-daywear trend, like make sure you wear makeup so that you look intentional. They also suggest that you try wearing a slip (with a cardi and leggings, perhaps) during daytime instead of sporting full-on PJs. These styling tips don’t suck and there are probably some women who could wear a sexy, satin slip during the daytime and not look silly.  But me? I’ll be ignoring this trend, thank you very much. 

Do you agree with me that the pajamas-as-daywear look is silly?  Or are you gravely offended that I would suggest such a thing?

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