Ryan Gosling Does Ballet, Designed His Own Motorcycle Jacket

It’s a good thing Amelia is not working from The Frisky’s office today. The amount of panty-creaming [Eww. — Editor] that would result from her reading this article about Ryan Gosling in the UK’s Independent would’ve force us to call the custodian. How cute is this? The Gos revealed he studies at a ballet studio in Los Angeles and practices “whenever I can.” 

“A lot of the students are young girls so they’re there with their moms but they just kind of watch and tell me to keep it up,” he explained. “They try and be positive but I’m so bad. I don’t even know what I like about it but it’s like acting, I’m just compelled to do it and I do it to find out why. The not knowing is interesting.”

Who cares if you suck, Ryan? The women of the world SWOON anyway. And there is more SWOON where that comes from — the Independent also mentioned that Ryan showed up to the interview in a “grey, self-designed leather jacket.” I guess we now know what he’s doing with all that Gosling Money: designing his own clothes. Just don’t go all James Franco on us, Gos. [Independent UK]

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