John Edwards Is Being Annoying About His Affair Investigation

John Edwards might be the proud father of a newly married daughter, but he is still in trubs with the law for allegedly using $1 million in campaign funds to cover his affair with Rielle Hunter. A grand jury indicted Edwards this summer on six counts, including conspiracy, issuing false statements, and violating campaign contribution laws. If I were in that much trouble, I would probably keep my mouth shut. But Edwards’ legal team is using a different, uh, legal strategy.

And that strategy is: “Waaaaaaah, what about John Ensign? Why isn’t he in trouble?”

Senator John Ensign, you’ll remember, was a so-called “family values” conservative who gave Clinton hell after the Lewinsky scandal but then turned around and had an affair with a former aide who was married to one of his employees. Plus, his parents paid his mistress a cool $96,000!

Surely no one disagrees that John Ensign (and Larry Craig, and Anthony Weiner, and … who can keep track of them all anymore?) is sleazy. But John Edwards trying to detract attention is super-lame. John, you’re already in the dog house for cheating on your wife with a kook, lying about it, fathering a love child, and lying about that too. Why are you making it worse? 

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