How To Get Sexy Short Girl Style

I don’t know if you know this, but I can testify to the fact that being short has perks aplenty. I have a boast-worthy ability to slither through small spaces when the situation calls for it. I can date anyone provided they exceed my own five feet. I sometimes manage to get away with buying a children’s movie or train ticket, and I have even been known to fit comfortably in a cardboard box. When it comes to getting dressed, though, that’s when things get sketchy.

I love fashion and shopping just as much as the next girl, but it’s harder for me to buy things based on my frame. The figure ideal that permeates most popular stores and lines is tall and thin, with willowy limbs and straight hips. Not only am I short, but I got curves like a racetrack! Jessica has informed me that in “Jersey Shore” vernacular, this makes me a “meatball.” That’s cute, I guess?

Here’s what I’ve learned: dressing in a flattering way for your body is all about proportions. With high-waisted pants and skirts, wear a tucked-in top to highlight your waist. With skinny jeans, a loose, boxy shirt that hits mid-thigh is effortlessly cool. Even maxi skirts and dresses are surprisingly becoming when they fit properly. Many women don’t like to hear it, preferring to wear things straight off the rack, but let me tell you once and for all: a tailor is your best friend. Jeans, skirts, and dresses can always be hemmed. Shirts can even be hemmed as well if they hit at an awkward or too-long length. Don’t give up! There isn’t a universal rule — try everything on, and seek out the styles and looks that you know are perfect for you.

After the jump, outfit ideas from the stars, plus tips and tricks for short, sexy, shapely style from someone who knows!