Fox News Discusses The “New Trend” Of Being Transgender

I can’t even deal with the stupidity in this clip of the “Fox & Friends” hosts discussing Grinnell College’s new “gender neutral housing.” The living space will be for students who choose to live with others regardless of gender, including transgender/gay/lesbian/no gender, and it was spearheaded by the transgender students on campus. This is pretty cool, right? But while discussing Grinnell’s new housing, host Gretchen Carlson decided to pull out her “facts and figures,” as she put it, saying:

“In the fall it went up 18 percent. Eighteen percent of transgender students going to this college [sic]. Does that sound unusual to you? Eighteen percent? I didn’t know it was new trend.”

First of all, you’re speaking in fragments, not sentences, Gretch. Second of all, what are you talking about — what is “it”? What went up 18 percent? The number of transgender students? The number of LGBT students? The number of students interested in gender neutral housing? And did she seriously just suggest whatever the “it” is that she’s referring to is a “new trend”? As if young adults living their normally-closeted lives open and honestly is trendy?

Oh, yes. And it gets worse.

So, Gretchen Carlson suggests being transgender (or something?) is a trend and one of her co-hosts says, “It’s en vogue. It’s like bellbottoms.” YEAH, HE SAID THAT. [What a dated reference! — Editor]  Then as a funny, funny joke, the show cuts to a video clip of heterosexual students reacting to the news. To which Gretchen Carlson snipes, “Oh, the majority has a voice?” That poor beleaguered majority!  

The video clip was not heterosexual students’ reactions at all, but B-roll of a bunch of frat boy-types cheering and giving thumbs up. Because, “gender neutral housing” is really code for letting a bunch of horny 18-year-olds shower together and you know what that means.

You think I’m being snarky? The co-host Steve Doocey immediately launched into a rant about how his daughter attends Boston University and lives on a co-ed floor (gasp) and he would not be OK if she was using a co-ed bathroom and showering next to dudes. 

Chill the eff out, “Fox & Friends.” No one is forcing anyone to live in “gender neutral housing.” People choose to do so. And since Grinnell College’s “gender neutral housing” was spearheaded by the transgender kids, its safe to assume this is something the school’s LGBT folks sought for themselves— not, you know, a master plan to get girls and boys showering together for, like, group sex or something. I don’t think that’s part of the gay agenda.

At least towards the very end of this clip, Gretchen Carlson shut down the foolishness a bit. She steered the topic back to “the point,” which she reiterated was “everything changing as a result of a few people.”

One small liberal arts college offering gender neutral housing = everything changing! 


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