Today’s Lady News: Birth Control Pill Cuts Ovarian Cancer Risk

  • Women who have been on the birth control pill for 10 or more years have cut their risk of ovarian cancer by 45 percent, according to a study in the British Journal of Cancer. [Guardian UK]
  • The bus company that operates Brooklyn’s B110 bus line, which runs through the borough’s Hasidic Jewish neighborhood where unrelated men and women are strictly separated, sent a letter to the Department of Transportation after news broke that women were asked to sit in the back of the bus. The letter states the bus company does not “support, promote or condone” any segregation. [
  • Why children with lesbian, gay or transgender parents need better legal protections. [XX Factor
  • Iconic author Joan Didion spoke with Time Out Chicago about her newest memoir, Blue Nights. It’s a follow-up to her insanely-popular A Year Of Magical Thinking. [Time Out Chicago]
  • writer Mary Elizabeth Williams begs of you, please, stop sexing up breast cancer with so many salacious comments about boobs. []
  • Frisky contributor Hugo Schwyzer on “accidental rape” and the importance of candid communication between sex partners. [Mamma Mia]
  • Why the hell are politicians who don’t have good records on lesbian and gay rights making “It Gets Better” videos? [Feministing]
  • Check out this interview with David Jay of the SCAR Project, a photo series that shows a side of breast cancer we’re not used to seeing. [The Daily Muse]
  • Frisky contributor Melissa Petro interviews the bloggers behind Tits & Sass, a blog written by sex workers. [Bitch Magazine]
  • The number of stay-at-home-dads is rising in the UK, with one in seven fathers being the main childcare-givers. [Guardian UK]
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