Halloween Inspiration Board: MaKenzie From “Toddlers & Tiaras”

“Toddlers & Tiaras” is one of our favorite trainwreck shows to watch and in the last year the TLC kiddle pageant reality show has become rather controversial. Tots dressed as movie hookers! Toddlers getting waxed! Wee ones high on Pixie Sticks! The parenting, it is questionable. The standout “T&T” regular, in our opinion, is little MaKenzie, a Southern firecracker who will not go anywhere without her beloved pacifier NiNi. As an adult, dressing up like a “T&T” superstar is basically the same as dressing like a slutty princess — seriously, the short, poofy dresses are nearly identical. Pop in a NiNi, don a crown, tan your skin, apply 17 pounds of brightly colored eyeshadow, and scream with authority at anyone in your vicinity, “Don’t you EVER do that again!” and you’re set. Find out how to get the costume, after the jump!

 1. Crown, $13.99, Ami Clubwear

2. Pink Princess Dress, $46.99, Ami Clubwear

3. Midwest Mom Wig, $12.95, Pure Costumes

4. Pacifier (aka “NiNi”), $4.49, Toys R Us

5. Dark Self-Tanner, $$11.85, Amazon

6. Eyeshadow, $3.88, Amazon