Evening Quickies: What Is Britney Spears Doing With A Backstreet Boy?

  • One of the Backstreet Boys is opening for Britney Spears during the South American leg of her tour. Yes, you read that right: one of the Backstreet Boys. Does anyone still remember who Howie Dorough is? Apparently Britney fans in Chile, Peru and Colombia do. Good for you, Howie. [Perez Hilton]
  • Prince Harry was spotted at a Walmart in California buying Coke, bananas and beer. It doesn’t get any more American than Walmart, Prince Hot Ginge! [Us Weekly]
  • Peaches Geldof was caught shoplifting from a drugstore on London’s High Street because she doesn’t have enough money being Bob Geldof’s daughter. [Racked]
  • Bruce Willis’ wife Emma Heming Willis is pregnant. Mazel tov! How nice of Bruce to get his new wife pregnant so he could detract tabloid attention from his ex-wife marital problems. [Us Weekly]
  • Stanley Tucci is reportedly engaged to Emily Blunt’s sister Felicity, whom she introduced Stanley to during the filming of “The Devil Wears Prada.” That’s adorable! [ONTD]
  • Johnny Depp shares personal memories of Hunter S. Thompson, author of The Rum Diaries, off which his latest movie is based. Fun fact: I got stoned with Hunter S. Thompson in college! I can prove it, there are photos! [Obligatory PSA: Don’t do drugs, folks. — Editor] [The Daily Beast
  • The Beavis and Butthead guide to picking up chicks. (Not guaranteed to work.) [Buzzfeed]
  • Ooh la la! Ten French bands that everyone should know. [Flavorwire]
  • Singer Alexa Ray Joel opens up about her parents’ messy divorce — that would be, ahem, Billy Joel [William! — Editor] and Christie Brinkley — and how it affected her as a kid. [xoJane]
  • The “Sister Wives” family just welcomed their 17th kid. Congratulations/yikes. [People]
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