Beyonce & Jay-Z’s Baby Nursery Will Be Way Bigger Than Your Entire House

They have one of the most anticipated babies of the last, I dunno, decade on the way, and they’re the reigning King and Queen of hip-hop, so I don’t know why I’m so shocked that Jay-Z and Beyonce are going all out for their first kid. According to BET, Jigga and Bey are adding a 2,200 square foot baby nursery to their NYC apartment. To put that into perspective, that is over THREE TIMES the size of my whole apartment. That is larger than most homes, I would venture to guess. It is also an absurd amount of space for a baby.

I sure hope they are also investing in extremely powerful baby monitors, as there is no way they’ll be able to hear the little bugger crying down in the kitchen without one. Next you’re gonna tell me they’re gonna be wiping the baby’s ass with silk wipes and powdering it with gold-dust. What crap economy? Yo, Jay and Bey, can I move in? I am pretty sure I could fit my bed in the corner and you wouldn’t even notice I was there.

Pics of Babyonce’s grand suite have not been released (and probably never will, unless Architectural Digest: Kids! becomes a thing), but I can only imagine it will make the 12 other celeb nurseries in this slideshow look like hovels.