What To Wear On A Roadtrip

This past weekend, I did something really weird. I drove with several friends to Toronto on Friday night and came back on Sunday. NBD, except Toronto is a 10-hour trip from NYC, so about a third of my weekend was spent in a car. The trip taught me a lot: boys in punk bands talk exclusively about other punk bands and horror movies; Sheetz is the best convenience store-cum-gas-station chain on the planet; and jeans and boots are really not that comfortable after a few hours in the car. Don’t make my mistake! While you won’t necessarily be able to get your friends to shut up about John Carpenter movies (and really, why would you?), you can plan a better driving outfit than mine.  

They key to a comfortable roadrip: free-flowing shapes and fabrics. A road trip isn’t necessarily the time to look sexy, but spending endless hours in the car doesn’t necessarily mean you have to look like you just rolled out of bed, either.

  1. Three Dots Essential Tank Top, $9.99
  2. National Jean Company Classic Yoga Pant, $52
  3. Patternson J. Kincaid Terry Sweatshirt, $10
  4. Wet Seal Slip on Canvas Shoes, $14.50



And of course, don’t forget the snacks.