Herman Cain: Presidential Hopeful And … Numerologist?

My personal political beliefs tend to be on the very liberal end of the spectrum, so perhaps I am not the best judge of Herman Cain’s popularity as the favorite candidate for the Republican nomination for President. But political differences aside, the Georgia native and former CEO of Godfather’s Pizza seems genuinely, legitimately, and proudly uninformed about a host of issues. One thing he is well-versed in, however? Numerology. Yes, numerology, i.e. the study of the “mystical” power of numbers. On last night’s “Rachel Maddow Show,” following a segment about how former President Ronald Reagan organized his schedule based on the advice of Nancy Reagan’s astrologist (to the chagrin of his Chief of Staff), Maddow revealed that Cain believes the number 45 “is magic.” Say what?

Referencing an article on The Daily Beast, Maddow joked about Cain’s not-exactly-secret fascination with the number 45, so much so that he devoted an entire chapter in his book to it. (For reference, that chapter is called “Forty-Five—A Special Number.”) The Daily Beast’s Michelle Cottle writes that Cain’s book explains “how its frequent appearance in [his] life signals that [he is] meant to win.” In addition to being conceived and born within the year 1945 (!!!), Cain also notes that “45 keeps on popping up as I go about the business of being elected—you guessed it—as the forty-fifth president of the United States of America.” I don’t know about you, but my knees are knocking. Crazy!

Look, I read my horoscope each week with, frankly, an almost embarrassing amount of seriousness and I once spent a week studying astrology at an astrology school. (It was for an article for my school newspaper, but I actually really believed in a lot of what was “taught.”) I’m not judging Herman Cain, necessarily, for having a special place in his heart for the number 45. I kind of think the number 7 is lucky. Whatever. I am, however, flabbergasted that Cain is so mouthy about his affinity for numerology. Dude, you are running for President. Your views on abortion are confusing, you’re proud not to know the names of various international leaders, and your 9-9-9 plan makes no sense. Throw in this “45 is a magical number!” talk and I am starting to think of you as the Courtney Stodden of the Republican Presidential Race. On a politician, that is not a good look.

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