Anderson Cooper Shares And Legitimizes My Obsession With Courtney Stodden

Sigh. In recent days, some of you have expressed a lack of understanding, an annoyance even, with my obsession with Courtney Stodden, super sexy sensual teen bride. While I think there are many legitimate reasons to watch Court’s every move — her Twitter account alone is filled with important grammar lessons! — I believe this Anderson Cooper segment alone is all the proof I need that Courtney Stodden is a hot topic worthy of coverage on The Frisky.

Anderson Cooper — newsman, journalist, silver fox, and Vanderbilt — devoted over three minutes of “360” last night to gleefully discussing Stodden’s recent antics at a pumpkin patch. He even said he was “obsessed” with the clip of her on E! in which Courtney appeared to be holding back a desire to eat old-as-f**k hubby Doug Hutchison’s face. Seriously, I feel vindicated.  Anderson, when the couple’s blessed reality show finally debuts, let’s watch together. [CNN]