Quick Tip: Moisturize Your Cuticles On The Cheap

Every fall, as the temperature drops, my cuticles begin to look cracked, ragged, and just plain dreadful. I’ve tried a few different products, but nothing has worked as well as Vitamins A+D Ointment. Yes, an ointment that has been used for ages to treat diaper rash is also great at moisturizing cuticles. Hey, chafed skin is chafed skin, right?!

I discovered this little beauty secret by accident. I was on the train, and my hands were aching because the chill in the air had zapped all the moisture. So I went digging through my purse, looking for something emollient and thick. I would have settled on Rosebud Salve, but then I remembered I was also carrying A+D Ointment. I applied a bit of the ointment to each cuticle and mixed the excess with my favorite hand cream, Carol’s Daughter Almond Cookie Shea Souffle. The ointment instantly calmed and soothed my hands and nails.

Now, I apply A+D to my cuticles at least once a day. And there’s definitely been an improvement. I went for a bi-weekly CND Shellac manicure on Saturday and my manicurist commented on my cuticles, saying that she really didn’t need to cut them because they looked healthy.

A+D Ointment can be purchased at any drugstore (hint: buy the store brand) for less than $7. And since you’ll use very little on a daily basis, one tube will last about a year. Compare that to other bonafide cuticle treatments, which seem to only last for a few applications, and you can’t beat the efficacy and price of it. [$5.49, CVS]