Halloween Inspiration Board: Pregnant Jessica Simpson

Is Jessica Simpson pregnant, or did she just eat a really big burrito? At this point, her baby bump has gone way beyond speculative — and unless she’s using her body as a new type of pillow storage device, J.Simps is pretty far along. In honor of her soon-to-be babe, we’ve come up with a Simpson-rific Halloween costume. You’ll need a baby bump, a baby (in order to help envision what her spawn with Eric Johnson might look like), and a mini-football — Eric’s a former NFL player, after all. If you really want to take the costume next level, walk around with a can of tuna fish, and ask everyone you meet “is what I have chicken or fish?” Find out what you’ll need, after the jump.

Pregnant Jessica Simpson

1. Roxy Queen of Tides Jacket,  $92.50

2. Baby doll, $25.88, Emily’s Gifts

3. Nike Mini-football, $9.99, Easy Bay

4. Jackie Sunglasses, $14, Fred Flare

5. A pillow (you’ve probably got one at your house, right?

6. Seductress Wig, $23.99, KMart