We Only Think We Look Hot For 2 Hours And 22 Minutes A Day

A recent poll found that all of our pre-work primping and preening doesn’t hold up for long. Of the 2,000 women surveyed, 10 percent thought they needed to fix up their hair and makeup after an hour in the office, 40 percent felt completely “bedraggled” by lunch, and 43 percent felt like a completely different woman by the end of the workday. On average the women polled only felt they looked good for a total of two hours and 22 minutes a day. That’s sad.  Sure, my hair is usually frizzy and my makeup smeared after nine hours. I’m not fresh out of the shower, but that doesn’t change the way I feel about myself. I’m still hot at the end of the day. This study annoys me with its implication that most women are insecure about their looks or need to be all done up to feel sexy. Also, consider the source. The poll was conducted by a company that makes body wash. So, I guess we’re supposed to shower more to feel better about ourselves? No thanks. [Newslite]