Today’s Lady News: Erica Watson Receives Apology In Fat-Shaming Controversy

  • TV One has apologized for using an unauthorized image of the actress/comedian Erica Watson in a fat-shaming way on a recent episode of “Love That Girl,” starring Tatyana Ali. []
  • San Francisco’s Board of City Supervisors voted this week to approve a city ordinance that would require so-called “crisis pregnancy centers” from posting signage that clearly states whether a medical professional works on staff and whether it provides comprehensive women’s health options. San Francisco is taking the lead from other cities across the country, like Baltimore and New York City, that are cracking down on CPCs that mislead women into thinking they are similar to abortion clinics or women’s health centers. []
  • Etta James, the legendary R&B singer, announced she will be retiring. The 73-year-old is currently battling leukemia and Alzheimer’s. [The Root]
  • A microbicide vaginal gel that reduces the risk of transmission of AIDS also is effective in preventing herpes, according to a new study. [New York Times]
  • Active-duty lesbians and gays in the military say that coming out post-“Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” has been uneventful. That’s good news! [Bay Windows]
  • LaToya Peterson of the blog Racialicious addresses the new book Is Marriage For White People? and the so-called “black marriage crisis.” [Guardian UK]
  • Is television more welcoming to “out” lesbian actresses than film? [After Ellen]
  • Police in Chicago are searching for a missing 18-year-old woman named Amber Nall. She’s been gone since Sunday. [Huffington Post]
  • The former president of Botswana, in Africa, has called for the country to decriminalize prostitution and homosexuality in the hopes that it will thwart the spread of HIV. [BBC]
  • A Tunisian woman named Rabab Atiq defends her right to wear the Muslim hijab. [Guardian UK
  • Check out why these young women haven chosen to pursue life in the nunnery. [Guardian UK]
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