The Good, The Bad & The WTF: “Jersey Shore” Says “Ciao” To Italy

Last night brought us the last show of the season for “Beavis and Butthead.” I mean, “Jersey Shore.” Eh, same thing. I am relieved we’re at the end of the season in Italy. It’s a good thing MTV decided season five will be the show’s last. Can I get a “Yeah, buddy!”?

The Good:

  • Everyone is done with The Situation and his bulls**t. He’s getting ditched at clubs, ignored in the house, and making noises about not joining everyone in Jersey. (Yeah, right, like that is going to happen.)
  • On the last day of the gang’s stay in Florence, they go on a walking tour of the city and get some culture. I know this isn’t what “Jersey Shore” is about, but I wish they’d done more of this. I am pretty sure Vinny is the only one who appreciates it.
  • This quote from Vinny when the girls clean the apartment: “Seeing Nicole cleaning is like seeing Mike with a condom: it just doesn’t happen!”
  • Snooki used a three syllable word, “manipulate” — [Uh, Jessica. It’s a four-syllable word. — Editor] –  as in “Mike tries to manipulate us.” 
The Bad:
  • These morons still don’t know where the Duomo in downtown Florence is located. They’ve lived there for, what, two or three months?
  • Mike apologizes to everyone for causing drama all season long … and there’s crickets.
  • Of course Mike gets into fight at the club the last night. Of course. 

The WTF:

  • On the gang’s last day at the pizza parlor, their boss asks each of them to donate a piece of clothing so he can hang it on clothes line in the store. Apparently this is an Italian custom or something? I don’t know. Anyway, the girls hand over their dirty thongs. 
  • During the walking tour of Florence, Mike continually sulks off to a corner, sits by himself and ignores the tour guide. So rude!
  • There’s like an extended 10 second clip where Snooki turns on the vacuum cleaner and holds it up to her neck. Is she giving herself a hickey? Or does she just not know how to use a vacuum? Both of these things are entirely possible.

I’ll watch season five, because this show is like crack to me. But I think we can all agree its getting old. Like old-old-OLD. There’s only so much sleaziness by Mike and Ronnie/Sammi screaming and Snooki whining that you can watch before it’s boring. 

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