My Salvation Army Haul — 9 Garments For $32!

This year I’ve been exploring thrift shopping. Last January, I bought seven coats for only $70 during the Salvation Army coat sale. And in July, I increased my summer wardrobe during one of Housing Works’ Buy-the-Bag Sales. Most recently, I couldn’t pass up the chance to hit the Snellville, GA Salvation Army. There wasn’t a special event going on or anything, but if you’ve visited Snellville, then you know there isn’t much going on there. So I jumped when my cousin offered to drop me off at the Army. After three thrift excursions I’m convinced that I don’t need to spend major dollars on trendy and vintage items to add to my wardrobe.

The Army is one of the easiest places to go thrift shopping because all the clothing is sorted by garment type and color. Plus, they actually have sales! All the items marked with a blue tag were 50 percent off the day I shopped. So if you’re hitting up your local Army, check to see when/if there are sales too. I bought nine pieces for about $32!

Now, let’s get to the items I picked up. I’m exploring the new territory of the blouse. Instead of rocking cotton T-shirts and fashion-forward sweatshirts, I’m going more formal with button-down blouses … tie-neck blouses to be exact. So I picked up one of those and four other button-down tops with a vintage feel. I can’t wait to wear these tops with skirts, skinny jeans, and high-waist shorts and pants.

I have developed an obsession with high-waist pants, so I picked up a few of those too. I instantly fell in love with a pair of purple corduroy numbers. That I plan to wear rolled at the ankles and with a schoolboy blazer. I haven’t decided on a top yet, but that’s the fun of going thrift shopping — it doesn’t cost much so you can afford to make mistakes. I also bought a pair of coral high-waist pants that I haven’t decided whether they can work for winter or not. I guess I’ll have to play with these pants and my other thrift items. I, like many other style geeks, am obsessed with colored denim, but I refuse to pay a crazy amount of money for a pair of J Brand jeans or the like. I found a pair of purple stretch jeans at the Army that are on-trend, fit me perfectly, and don’t cost a mint.

I topped off my thrift shopping with a vintage gray and black polk dot dress. Even though it’s labeled as a size 9 and I usually wear a 4, it fit. So the lesson here is try it on if you like it. Surprisingly, the Salvation Army I went to had two fitting rooms. I plan to wear this dress with a cropped sweatshirt, so the dress appears to be a midi skirt. I like to contrast dressy items with more casual ones.

What’s your best thrift store score?