Evening Quickies: Sammi & Ronnie Split — Again

  • The usually-unhealthy and at-times-abusive relationship between Sammi and Ronnie on “Jersey Shore” has come to an end yet again, Ronnie has confirmed. However, this news will have likely changed by tomorrow. Let’s not kid ourselves. [Us Weekly
  • Super sexy sensual Courtney Stodden, the 17-year-old bride, was photographed (in crazy boots, I might add) on her way to a meeting at MTV. Perhaps for a new show called “17 & Shacked Up” or “Teen Wife”? [Daily Mail UK]
  • The Center for Disease Control released an official comic book on how to survive the zombie apocolypse. I’m not making this up. John DeVore has some dating advice to accompany it. [The Mary Sue]
  • All of “Jersey Shore”‘s trips, slips, falls, and drunken stumbling, collected in one place. You’re welcome. [NYMag.com]
  • John Travolta tried to book a table at a Kentucky Fried Chicken in the UK and was denied. Who books a table at KFC? And who goes to an American fast food joint when they’re traveling in Europe?! [Daily Mail UK]
  • Mothers who don’t know how to use Facebook (or YouTube, or email) are so adorable, aren’t they? [The Daily What]
  • John Edwards’ eldest daughter Cate Edwards is marrying this weekend. Her fiancé is Dr. Trevor Upham and the pair will wed at the Edwards’ home in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Upham proposed two weeks before Elizabeth Edwards’ death. After all the crap she’s been through, Cate deserves a lifetime of happiness! [Us Weekly]
  • This chick survived an airplane hijacking, which is my worst fear. [xoJane]
  • A love letter to Caboodles. (Remember Caboodles?) [Hello Giggles]
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