4 Theories On The “RHONJ” Reunion Drama

Since part one of the “RHONJ” Reunion Special aired, I’ve been obsessing about what mysterious thing went down between Teresa Giudice and Jacqueline Laurita (and by proxy Caroline Manzo). Amelia and I traded a series of late night texts about it. The transcript, after the jump.

Me: What the f**k happened with the NJ Housewives?
Amelia: Caroline seems more pissed at Teresa than she was at [Danielle] Staub!
Me: Something bad went down. We need to find out. Also, Andy Cohen is such a s**t starter and I love it. Also, TRH franchise ruins lives.
Amelia: I know Jac called out Teresa for the stuff with Melissa but some other crap must have gone down. Dying to know.

For my peace of mind, I spent the greater portion of my day sleuthing for answers. Here are some theories I came up with:

Theory #1 — Melissa Gorga’s Stripper Past: OK, so according to Radar there’s a full-fledged Twitter war in progress between Teresa and Jacqueline. “Teresa told me that ‘rumor’ about Melissa when she first started the show … She wanted her out then. She knew. She plotted it. She played dumb on camera and even defended Melissa … Teresa is scum!” Jacqueline’s been tweeting. The “rumor” she refers to is the allegation that Melissa used to be a stripper once upon a time. Apparently, she was just a bartender at a strip joint, not an actual stripper. Who cares. Let’s get to the fight. Going with this theory, Jacqueline and Teresa may have had a fight that began with the spreading of the Melissa rumor and escalated to Jacqueline calling Teresa a backstabbing, two-faced bitch … or something like that.

Probability: Very probable that this type of fight happened. However, I believe there is another piece to the puzzle. It doesn’t seem bad enough for Jacqueline to use the “s” word and skip the reunion taping.

Theory # 2 — Enter Monica Chacon, Drama Starter: Digging deeper, Reality Tea alleges that a fight broke out in the bathroom of the Posche Fashion Show. Of course it did. Nothing good ever happens at the Posche fashion show. The rumor is that the fight was between Teresa and her new season 4 rival, Monica Chacon. You may recall Monica was the friend Kim G. brought to Melissa’s Christmas party. Also, Monica just so happens to be the lawyer who was representing Joe Giudice’s ex-partner in their bankruptcy proceedings. The night of the fashion show, Jacqueline tweeted, “Someone (not me) got set up tonight. There are some sneaky people trying to make someone look bad & then play innocent on camera. Sad.” Caroline wrote on the Bravo blog, “I can’t reveal too much, but I can tell you that there was an incident, which led to an ugly confrontation that destroyed a friendship and quite possibly put an irreparable divide between families. Jacqueline was really affected by it.” Another guest at the fashion show tweeted ,”Fight in the bathroom,” adding minutes later – “Teresa in bathroom with ….” Who? Why? Did producers send Monica in to start trouble? Is Joe Giudice involved? Did anyone’s weave get ripped out? Tell me!!

Probability: Again, highly likely that drama erupted at the Posche Fashion Show. If only I could tell you why exactly.

Theory # 3 — When In Doubt, Blame Danielle Staub: Speaking of weaves getting ripped out, there is a small part of me that thinks Danielle Staub is still playing drama puppet master off camera. She claims the producers of the show have been contacting her to film. Did she make a guest appearance at Posche? Is she in cahoots with Monica? Did she align herself with Melissa Gorga since they are both former strippers? Well, kind of. I mean, Melissa did admit to having exchanged a few Facebook messages with Staub.

Probability: Far fetched. But it’s fun to dream about Staub coming back.

Theory # 4: Sister/Sister-In-Law Jealousies: During the reunion, Teresa referenced a rift between Caroline and her sister, Dina Manzo. It’s possible that Teresa fueled some sort of belief in Dina that Jacqueline was out to steal Caroline from her. On the Bravo blog, Caroline wrote, “My fear in having this [Dina] issue exposed had nothing to do with me at all. It was all about my parents … Teresa knew how important it was to me to keep the Dina issue hidden, but … she finally had her moment at the reunion.” Interesting.

Probability: This seems like kindling for a fire that was already burning, not the spark that set it all aflame.

So, these are my initial findings. Let me know what else you’ve heard or speculated. I will be following this story closely as it unfolds.