What’s Become Of Your First Boyfriend?

The other day I had lunch with a work colleague who told me her first boyfriend from middle school just so happens to live in her apartment building, which is just crazy. We started reminiscing about our first boyfriends. Hers sounded like a nice, normal guy who turned out well. She must have been born with good taste in men. Not me. I ran into my first boyfriend, Jaime*, two years ago when I was visiting my parents. The staggering thing was that he hasn’t changed at all since we dated in 8th grade. He is doing the exact same thing he was 20 years ago — getting stoned ’round the clock, saying “right on” a lot, and playing guitar in a band that will never go anywhere. These things were all very attractive to me when I was 13. Oh, how I’ve changed. The only thing that has changed about Jamie is the way he looks. He is heavier and his hair is longer. I don’t think he’s cut it since 1991. Good thing the grunge look is making a comeback. To think, I entertained the idea of running away with him and getting married. I must have been rendered temporarily insane by the mix tape he made me. After the jump, I asked some Frisky staffers and friends what has become of their first loves.

My first boyfriend from high school dropped out of community college and now works at Whole Foods where he bags groceries. He’s missing a prominent tooth and has a tattoo of a Chicken McNugget on his arm. Seriously. in high school he was a cute punk rock boy who put out a popular zine but he refused to take his SATs, which I knew wasn’t a good sign. It was all downhill from there! — Anna

Mine is gay and fabulous! Maybe I should have expected this since I met him at acting school? –Anonymous

My first boyfriend and I dated when I was 14. He was an adorable, tall skinny skater boy (OKAY I HAVE A TYPE) and we would spend hours watching skateboard videos and making out. He was the guy that got me into Morrissey and lots of other cool bands. Now, almost 20 years later, he and I are Facebook friends, so I know that he’s married with three cute daughters. He got really into working out and fitness and now runs a “hormone replacement and fat loss” clinic. Also, he has arms as big as my entire body and no neck now. And he’s a Republican. — Julie

My first serious boyfriend was in my last year of high school.  We went off to separate colleges — me to artsy-fartsy school in a big city, him to a party school in the Midwest. He joined a fraternity and after we broke up, he started dating a sorority girl. They’ve been off-and-on ever since and he proposed to her about a year or two ago. The last time we spoke, he was freaking out about getting married. He pushed back the wedding date once already. She was pressuring him to just do it, but he wasn’t ready yet. I tried to advise him that he shouldn’t get married if he wasn’t ready. Then I realized I was wasting too much time trying to solve his problems for him. I blocked him on Facebook and haven’t heard from him since. –Anonymous

This is humiliating as my first real honest to god boyfriend was my ex-fiance. (I was a late bloomer.) He is marrying the girl he left me for in March. I am glad it’s not me. Mazel tov, kids! –Amelia

I don’t keep in touch with him. It was one of those situations that we could never go back to being just friends.  BUT according to Facebook … he graduated college and recently moved or moved someone. I saw a picture of him driving a Uhaul. — Sophie [Editor: Or he’s a lesbian?]

My first real boyfriend is an intravenous heroin addict who has thankfully been in inpatient rehab for the past six months. I haven’t spoken to him since we broke up two years ago, long before he started shooting up, but we still shared some of the same friends so I heard about it through them. Eight months or so ago I saw him again for the first time, driving around our hometown at four in the morning by himself looking so strung out. it was insane. — Anonymous

Do share. What’s become of your first boyfriend?