Tech-A-Lingus: 10 Geek Words That Annoy People

Geek speak is a special slanguage that evolved from our cultural immersion in the techno-verse.  Growing up, I never would have guessed that I would come to think of the term “LOL” (or any variation thereof) as a dating dealbreaker  or that someone (Anthony Weiner) would resign from public office over “sexting” gone wrong. According to a poll published in The Daily Mail  some tech terms are more annoying than others. After the jump, find out which geek speak phrases were voted the most irritating.

1. Sexting: Sending sexually explicit photographs or messages via text.
2. Intexticated: Texting while drunk or falling into a texting k-hole.
Defriend: To remove someone from from your Facebook page.
4. Twittersphere: The universe where all Tweets live.
Tweetup: A meeting or get-together organized via Twitter.
6. Hacktivist: A person who hacks into computer data as a form of activism.
Clickjacking: Maliciously manipulating a web-user’s action by concealed hyperlinks.
Twitpic: A picture posted on Twitter.
9. Scareware: A program designed to trick users into buying fake or unnecessary software.
10. Dot-bomb: A dotcom company that bombed.

I can’t believe “LOL” didn’t make the list! That would be my number one. Tell us, what geek speak irks you?