In Which The New York Times Attempts To Make Men In Heels A Thing

New York Times, just quit it. Nobody is buying your  purported claims that men are now wearing high heels. Because they are not. THEY ARE NOT! As everyone knows, a New York Times trend story is what happens when a New York Times writer or editor has a friend that does something quirky. All the sudden, it’s a trend. It’s not a trend. Still, writer Tricia Romano does a very good job of stretching her acquaintance with several heel-wearing dudes into a puff piece on the allure, the appeal, the sexy luxury of men wearing heels. 

But hello! 1) Dudes wearing heels — in gay culture, anyway — is nothing new. Gay men have rocked pumps with fierceness since the dawn of drag. What Romano seems to be mystified by is that these guys are going out in shoe-drag. “I always make it very clear that I am a man, and I’m not trying to portray an illusion to anybody,” explained Sean Wagner, an itinerant heel-wearing man in Los Angeles.

And 2) You’re still never going to see a bunch of straight dudes trying to pull off this trend. Sure, there was a moment in glam rock, some 30 years ago, when David Bowie and David Johansson pranced around in sky-high platform boots, but straight dudes rocking straight up stilettos? Why would they even bother? What interest would straight men have in co-opting one of womankind’s best weapons of seduction? 

So no, Tricia Romano and the Times, I’m not ready to give you props for uncovering a secret stiletto-ed world. [NYTimes]