Get Paid To Date (Er, Escort?) On

Don’t waste your precious time and money on dinner and drinks with a fugly troll. And don’t be punished for your “high standards.”

Instead, pay the beautiful ladies of for their time. Yeah, I don’t understand What’s Your Price, either, other than it sells itself as a “dating site” rather than an escort service.

Dudes may sign up thinking, as the ad copy goes, they’ll “end up on first dates with more beautiful, gorgeous and sexy people than you can handle.” But I’m pr-e-e-e-t-ty sure they are just ending up on dates with sugar babies in denial or straight-up prostitutes.

Being either of those things is fine in my book, if those are the life choices that make you happy. But Jesus, just own it. If someone is paying you to go on a date with them, you’re either a sugar baby or an escort — not an online dater. [What’s Your Price via Clutch Magazine]  

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