Poop Happens: Do You Poop At Work?

I want to talk about a very important subject–one near and dear to all of our colons and butts. Pooping. And specifically, pooping at work. There are some of us who feel unable to poop at work. And then there are those of us (RAISES HAND) who do not understand how some people have the mental and physical wherewithal to NOT poop at work. As a workplace pooper, I think it remarkable that some of my colleagues and friends have the willpower and physical control to save the pooping until they get home.

As one anonymous staffer explains, “I just don’t really feel as comfortable as at home. I don’t like the idea of having to share a bathroom while I do it. It’s mostly the communal bathroom aspect. If i absolutely have to I will,  but I like to be alone in the bathroom. Doesn’t everyone?” Well, sure. Pooing isn’t really a group activity. But it’s also, I find, at least, not one I can readily schedule, either. So over the years, I’ve learned to deal with having stall neighbors when number two is going on.

But what about you? Do you possess remarkable pooping prowess? Or are you a poo as they come type? Or are you simply mortified that we’re talking about this at all? INQUIRING MINDS!