Lindsay Lohan Cuffed, Carted Back To Jail

It looks like Lindsay Lohan is headed back to the clink. She and her attorney met with Judge Stephanie Sautner today regarding Lindsay’s failure to fulfill her probation requirements, which included 360 hours of service at a women’s center. Lindsay violated her probation after she was booted from her assignment and began serving hours with the Red Cross, which was not in the terms of her sentence. This afternoon Lindsay was put in handcuffs and carted back to the slammer. However, she’s entitled to another hearing to take place on November 2 before her jail sentence is determined.

According to Just Jared, Lindsay supposedly ditched her community service at the Women’s Center because it was “not fulfilling.” Asked the judge, “Is it supposed to fulfill the defendant or is it supposed to be rehabilitative and/or punitive?” Good point. Her bail was set for $100,000, which we assume will be met by La Famille Lohan post-haste.

As if it needs to be said, this girl really needs to pull it together. [Just Jared]