Halloween Inspiration Board: Sue Lyons As “Lolita”

In Stanley Kubrick’s 1963 film adaptation of the controversial novel Lolita, Sue Lyons is a disturbingly uncanny Dolores Haze. She embodies the nymphet to the last gum-snapping, downy-limbed detail as she preens before her middle-aged lover Humbert Humbert. The film sees Lolita dressed precociously in heavily ruffled baby-doll dresses and, in her most famous image, little more than a halter-top bikini.

I can’t recommend emulating the character in any way other than her vintage wardrobe. But if you’re going all out this Halloween, a heady dose of her characteristic seduction can’t hurt!

Sue Lyons As Lolita:

1. Cutwork bib dress, $31.43, Asos.com

2. Heart-shaped sunglasses, $14, Fred Flare

3. Floppy summer hat, $28, American Apparel

4. Puffy petticoat, $15.80, Amazon.com

5. Mary Jane pumps, $50.55, Amazon.com

6. Red heart lollipop, $24 for 60, Amazon.com