Today’s Lady News: What White Men Can Do For Feminism

  • One concrete, important thing that white males can do to further the feminist cause is to refuse to speak on panels comprised of all-white men, writes Cord Jefferson at the web site Conference organizers are not always fantastic about asking a diverse group of panelists to speak; panels filled with all white dudes, or just all dudes, are sadly too common. But if white males refused to commit to speaking unless women and/or people of color are added, Jefferson writes, this problem could eventually be solved. What do we think of this proposition? [GOOD]
  • A second person has been arrested in connection with a string of sexual assaults in Brooklyn. So far 20 women have been groped, grabbed or sexually assaulted on the street since March. [New York Times]
  • Feminist sci-fi author Margaret Atwood on her books, religion and her love of the movie “Blade Runner.” (P.S. Read The Handmaid’s Tale if you haven’t already!) [The Atlantic Monthly]
  • Is Jill Abramson, the newly appointed executive editor of The New York Times, falling victim to the “bitchy female boss” stereotype? [XX Factor]
  • Advice for aspiring feminist activists. [Feministing]
  • On the “pinkwashing” of products during Breast Cancer Awareness Month. [Tiger Beatdown]
  • editor/blogger Dodai Stewart spoke with Madame Noire about blogging as an African-American woman for a high-profile site. [Madame Noire]
  • On rescuing young girls who are sex trafficked into Britain. [Guardian UK]
  • Find out what women in Senegal are doing to promote the end of female genital mutilation. []
  • Pedro Juan Perez, who is intersex, explains to the Guardian UK how he navigates life with Klinefelter’s syndrome (meaning he has three sex chromosomes, XXY). [Guardian UK]
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