Halloween Inspiration Board: Khaleesi Daenerys Targaryen From “Game Of Thrones”

I’m gonna be straight up; my version of this costume is not going to win you any awards at Comic-Con where real cosplayers hand-make their garb from scratch. Do you know how hard I looked for a burlap (and jute and hemp) corseted crop top? So hard. All that being said, I was determined to do this Inspiration Board because I knew one of the coolest characters from this year has absolutely been the bad ass Daenerys Targaryen from “Game of Thrones.” And talk about sexy! Bonus points if you get your man to dress up like Khal Drogo, especially if you have a man that you can pull of that hunk of sexy warrior meat. (Sorry, putting my nerdy girl boner away.) Anyway, check out how to get the look this Halloween, if you’re not willing to spend the next two weeks sewing your own costume out of a burlap sack.


1. Dragon, $9.97, Amazon

2. Coin belt, $12.88, Amazon

3. Platinum wig, $14.88, Amazon

4. Belt with purse, $8.80, Forever 21

5. Crochet Top, $18, Etsy

6. Maxi skirt, $39.50, Victoria’s Secret

7. Fingerless gloves, $8.95, Etsy