Evening Quickies: Selena Gomez Gets Restraining Order Against Stalker

  • It’s not just Beliebers going after Selena Gomez: the 19-year-old singer has gotten a restraining order against a 46-year-old man who says God has told him to kill her. Thomas Brodnicki has a history of mental illness, stalking and criminal threats and has showed up at the singer’s workplace three times already. Selena’s restraining order forbids this creep from getting within 100 yards of her, her parents and her assistant. [Los Angeles Times]
  • Kate Bosworth opens up about her split with Orlando Bloom and how it caused her “actual vertigo.” Poor thing. [Us Weekly]
  • Penn Badgley from “Gossip Girl” knows a lot of people hate him for being cast in the Jeff Buckley biopic. [NYmag.com]
  • In the market to score yourself a Hollywood hunk? I wish you the best of luck! Before you get started, you might want to check out this handy guide to Hollywood’s most notorious heartbreakers. [iVillage]
  • These 11 celebs have real-life stories of ghostly encounters that are sure to freak you out. [Betty Confidential]
  • Ooh, a rare photo of Rupert Grint smoking a ciggie on the street. I’ve never seen Ron Weasley look so grungy before, but I think I like it! [ONTD]
  • Every time I read an interview with Mindy Kaling, I love her a little bit more. This one’s no exception. Is it humanly possible to be any more hilarious and perfect?  [NewYorker.com]
  • This woman says health class taught her how to have an eating disorder. [xoJane]