Blind Item: Which Married Couple Is Headed For Divorce Because He Knocked Up His Ex?

I lovvvvve a good blind item and this, while not-so-blind in my opinion, is a juicy one. Who knows if what it implies is true, but if it is, dayum. Ahem:

This married actor had a one-night stand with one of his exes, who is an actress in an acclaimed television show. She wound up pregnant. The actor’s wife found out about the baby, and, to no one’s surprise, went completely ballistic.

Both the actor and his wife tried every tactic (money, lawyers, threats to ruin her career) to convince the ex to terminate the pregnancy. Despite enormous pressure from all sides, the ex decided to keep the baby. The actor’s marriage is now on the rocks. We’re not sure how long everyone can remain tight-lipped about this one. It will be difficult to keep such a bombshell out of divorce proceedings, which will likely occur before the New Year.

Well, I think it’s pretty clear that the three folks being hinted at in this blind item are Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore, and January Jones. Honestly, it seems to me that someone wise ass found a way of connecting two Hollywood scandals — Demi and Ashton’s troubles and January’s mysterious baby daddy — in obvious, if kind of improbable way. I mean, it’s probable, but I think unlikely. I mean, didn’t Ashton diss January’s acting aspirations back when they were dating? Why would she shag him again? Besides, Demi is Hollywood “royalty,” I wouldn’t want to f**k up her personal biz if I were January. Hmm, but if I were January, I wouldn’t have schtupped Jeremy Piven so what do I know? Anyway, what do you think of this rumor? [Blind Gossip]