Beauty Test Drive: A Balm With Bite

The sexiest thing about me? My extremely chapped lips. I realize most people have to combat this condition once the temperature drops and brisk winds are in the air, but my lips are unique in that they have no regard for the climate. Through both bitter chills and balmy 100+ degree days, my lips are intent on cracking, peeling, occasionally bleeding, and generally trying to make a run from my face. Granted, I tend to exacerbate it by licking and picking at the issue, not to mention applying unfit products that are bound to dehydrate my pucker (red lipstick, why must you be so drying?!?!). As a result, I’ve tried just about every lip balm on the market that claims to repair the situation and leave your lips feeling silky smooth. But, more often than not, they fail me. I’ve found a few winners along the way but nothing that stands out as my healing holy grail. I have hyper-sensitive skin that blooms rashes if you look at it wrong, and my lips are no different. Some of the most popular and highly recommended formulas have left me red and itchy for days.

That’s why I was more than a little¬† excited when a Bar and Balm Bag from Pleasant River Soap Co. landed on my desk…

This all-natural brand produces artisan soaps and lip balms that promise to be formulated entirely without artificial fragrances, colors, preservatives, or animal products, which is perfect for extremely delicate skin like mine. I was impressed by the very short list of ingredients the lip balm boasts. I made a highly trained medical judgment from the recipe of avocado oil, beeswax, sheer butter, vitamin E, and essential oils that there was nothing in it that could potentially irritate my lips. With that, I swiped it on.

I was not disappointed. My lips tend to burn a bit upon initial application of just about any lip balm, but not this one. It’s really emollient and glides on smoothly. It feels like it’s actually moisturizing and repairing rather than just sitting on top like a barrier. Basically, it works! I’ve already reapplied it a few times today after eating and drinking, and also just for fun. It’s really, really good. My lips are super soft with a silky matte finish (infinitely preferred, I hate shine!) and the cracks and flakes I was sporting earlier this morning have all but vanished.

I received the lime (flavor? Scent?), which I can’t complain about because I’m a big fan of all things lime, but it also comes in rosemary lemongrass, orange grapefruit, and peppermint–and I’m bound to try them all. I also love that this balm multitasks and can be used on dry and cracked skin of any kind, which will be especially useful this coming winter. It’s also a huge plus that it’s as natural as natural gets so you don’t have to worry about turning into an X-Men or something if you get it in your mouth.

Pleasant River Soap Co. Pure Nature Lips retails at $3.00 for any flavor and I absolutely recommend ordering one because they are GREAT. I repeat, they are great. Seriously, my lips are baby soft, which is rare for me. My only concern would be that since the balm is so emollient it could potentially melt if left in your pocket/car/bag for too long but since it’s about to get real cold here in the Northeast that shouldn’t be a problem for, like, the next five months. The Bar and Balm Set is also available on the Pleasant River website for $7.50.