Everybody’s Having A Lot Of Feelings Right Now

Occupy Wall Street. Afghanistan. Iraq. Unemployment. Self-absorbed health editors. The cancellation of “Charlie’s Angels.” Everybody is having a lot of feelings right now, about a lot different things. There’s a crapload of feelings juice being jizzed out all over the place. Are you jizzing feelings juice? Are you getting jizzed on?

The air is thick with social and cultural transformation. Whether you stand with the 99 percent, or feel 100 percent with the one percent, it’s hard to deny the weird sense of excitement, anticipation — and yes, tension — we’re all feeling. It seems there’s been a sea change this year, beginning with the protests in Egypt and across Tunisia earlier this year, to the riots in London to now what’s happening in cities and towns across the country in the U.S. Suddenly, what Malcolm Gladwell refers to as “strong-tie” organizing has returned to the fore. Rather than simply signing online petitions or forwarding emails people are actually showing up! In the streets! What the tangible result of this Occupy Wall Street activism will be is anyone’s guess, but at the moment, the protests provide a powerful challenge to the notion that our generation are a bunch of bored, disaffected wastrels with weak political wills.

But amidst all of these call to actions, I’d like to add a call for civility in debate and discourse. Tempers are high, and many of us have a lot invested in what’s happening right now. But can we please try to respect one another and treat each other with common courtesy? Less yelling! More listening. Less name-calling! More dialogue. And please, one thing I think we can all agree on–no more “Charlie’s Angels” reboots.