Angry Single Blogger: My Top 10 Pet Peeves About Men

I love men, I really do. I’ve been boy-crazy since my first love, Adam, in pre-school. But there are things about them that drive me mad. While these “issues” are somewhat grating on my nerves, the romantic in me — the part of me I hide away like a deep dark secret that no one should ever be privy — actually finds a beautifully endearing quality in their behavior, habits and all-around lack of attention to detail… in some cases. But since we’re keeping my romantic side in the closet, let’s cover my top 10 pet peeves about that gender, or rather the men in my life whom I’ve adored with an all-consuming, hopelessly, unapologetically deep love. It’s National Pet Peeve Week … seemed as good a time as any.

1. They don’t friggin’ listen. I once heard that men only hear about 20 percent of what’s being said, but based on my experience, it’s about 40%. Still, they miss a whole lot of what we say! Perhaps I’m boring, or maybe they just don’t know how to listen properly. I’m thinking the latter.

2. They smell. Their bodies can smell good, but for some reason, their bedrooms and apartments just stink. Why? Are you working out that much? Read more…