We Reach Our Full Dog Whispering Potential At Age 10

We all felt a special bond with our childhood dogs … well those of us that had them. My apologies to those who didn’t. When I was a kid, I considered my Bichon Frise Mandy my best friend. I don’t know if that’s sweet or sad. Probably sad. Anyhow, I used to have long conversations with her, I even wrote an original song for her called “Yummy Yummy.” Sometimes we would fight. She wouldn’t lick my face for an entire day when I got a stuffed dog and started sleeping with it. I literally had to take the stuffed animal out of my room before she’d pay attention to me again. Good ol’, Mandy. We just got each other.

A new study found what I already knew about my relationship with Mandy.  Our ability to tap into the universal language of animals, especially man’s best friend, comes to fruition around the age of 10. A group of individuals from age six through adult were were asked to listen to different dog barks and match the sound to the dog’s emotional state. The children ages 10 and up were able to intuit the dogs’ emotions just as well as the the adults. “This shows that the ability of understanding basic inner states of dogs on the basis of acoustic signals is present in humans from a very young age,” said the authors of the study. I hope these findings bring us a step closer to being able to actually converse with our dogs. I think Amelia has already cracked the code with Lucca. Divulge your secrets, please. [Discovery]