Morning Quickies: Whitney Houston Makes Flight Attendant Buckle Her Seatbelt For Her

  • Whitney Houston reportedly refused to buckle her own seatbelt on a Delta flight from Atlanta yesterday afternoon and “got diva,” whatever that means. Whit was warned that she would be booted from the plane if she didn’t buckle up and finally relented, allowing one peasant crewmember to fasten her seatbelt for her. TMZ’s source — who is “close to the singer” — admitted that Whitney “overreacted a little bit.” Ya think? [TMZ]
  • Could Kate and William give birth to a future queen? The UK’s prime minister is trying to change the British monarchy’s acension laws so that a firstborn girl — not just a firstborn boy — can inherit the throne. How very feminist! [People]
  • Amy Winehouse’s dad is writing a biography about his daughter — a “definitive account of Amy’s life” — with all proceeds going towards the Amy Winehouse Foundation to help children affected by substance abuse. Hopefully the book will help parents struggling with a child addicted to drugs as well. [Guardian UK
  • Hugh Hefner blasted an article called “Ugly Bunny Tales” in the current issue of Cosmopolitian as “a curious piece of pointless, anti-Playboy pap.” Which, uh, only makes me want to read it more. []
  • That random dude who threw a hot dog at Tiger Woods on the golf course? He blamed it on Ryan Gosling, saying “I was inspired by the movie ‘Drive.'” Okay then. [Us Weekly]
  • Is there anything cuter than a kid’s Halloween costume that he’s too young to understand? [Flavorwire]
  • Guns ordered as props for the zombie movie that Brad Pitt is filming, “World War Z,” were seized by police in Hungary because it turns out the 85 automatic rifles were actually fully functioning. Oopsies. [Guardian UK]