Evening Quickies: Sara Leal Kisses And Tells All

  • Us Weekly is trying sooo hard to make its video of Sara Leal — the woman who slept with Ashton Kutcher — seem classy. Nope, sorry! Panning over Sara Leal while tinkly music plays as she says things like “If I had known he was happily married, none of this ever would have happened!” is just gross. Sara Leal may well have sincerely believed Ashton and Demi Moore were separated, like he allegedly told her, but a video explanation of their night together is too gratuitous. Kiss-and-tells have reached a whole new level of WTF. [Us Weekly]
  • Alice Martin, heiress to the Walmart corporation, was charged with a DWI on the night of her 62nd birthday. Her blood alcohol level was 0.16 (read: sloppy drunk.) Perhaps Ms. Martin should offer one of Walmart’s employees an alternate minimum-wage position … personal driver? [Gawker]
  • Check out the trailer for Madonna’s new film “W.E.” about Wallis Simpson, the woman who seduced King Edward VIII, causing him to give up the throne. [Madonnarama]
  • Lindsay Lohan’s been doing some hard living lately, so we’re happy to see her looking beautiful and cleaned up on the red carpet. Of course, it has some peeps wondering if she’s had some work done … [And I’ll be honest — I’m wondering WTF happened to her teeth. — Editor] [Dlisted]
  • Rashida Jones recounts the time she and Michael Jackson drove by a movie theater with Super Soakers and blasted everyone waiting in line. [Playboy]
  • Frisky friend Emily McCombs on why pepper spray is the most romantic gift she’s ever received. [xoJane]
  • The drought in young male talent. We appreciate Leonardo DiCaprio at any age, but where are the young bucks nipping at his theatrical heels? Sure there’s Zac Efron and Michael Cera, but the list ends shortly thereafter. What’s going on guys? [NYMag.com]