“Blossom” Gives Sex Advice & So Do These 10 Celebs

That geeky girl in the floral prints and glasses from “Blossom” is dishing out sex advice? Damn, I must be old. Yes, Mayim Bialik has plenty to say about sex and she is dishing it out on Kveller.com, a Jewish parenting web site. With baby-making on the brain, Mayim quotes the Torah on waiting seven days, plus an additional five, for a woman’s most fertile time. It’s all part of being a good Jew, you see.  “Judaism loves love. We love sex. We are told it is a mitzvah to make love and to especially make love on Shabbat, when God’s presence is close,” Mayim explains. “A woman’s right to sexual satisfaction is detailed in her ketubah, her marriage contract, independent of pregnancy.” 

She continues:

“Sex really can be for fun and for free; thank you Judaism. And when you are not cycling, such as during pregnancy and after menopause, have as much sex as you want. Have it upside down and sideways and from the chandeliers. It’s all good, it’s all kosher, and it’s a wonderful reminder that Judaism is pleasantly focused on how we live, rather than what happens after we die.”

What a lovely sentiment — it almost makes me want to convert. Thanks, Blossom! [Kveller]

Mayim isn’t the only celeb who knows a thing or two about a thing or two. Plenty of other celebs fancy themselves a Sue Johanson  — although methinks John Mayer’s ability to dole out sex advice is dubious at best. Take a look at some sex advice from celebsand judge for yourself.