What Prince Harry Is Up To In San Diego — And How To Find Him

I’m biding my time with my future husband and letting him sow his wild oats. But I still keep tabs on Prince Harry because a girl’s got to know what she’s getting into! After touching down in El Centro, California for helicopter training last week, Hot Ginge wasted no time throwing a pool party at the Andaz Hotel’s Ivy rooftop bar in San Diego. That’s my boy.

Harry, friends and assorted ladies partied until 2 a.m. on a private balcony at the bar. At some point, one of Harry’s friends threw party guest Lindsay Swagerty, 23, into the swimming pool with her clothes and high heels on. “He wrapped his towel around me to keep me warm,” she told the UK Sun. “It was such a gentlemanly thing to do.” (No fool, Lindsay has kept the towel as a souvenir.) Lindsay even met up with him the next night for shots. “He is probably the most charming man I’ll ever meet,” she swooned. (True.) Prince Harry as also been spotted at McP’s Irish Pub in Coronado.

San Diego ladies hunting the prince may want to check out the partiest-hardiest bars and any place that airs rugby matches. And be quick! You’ve only got two months.

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