Coco Rocha’s Been Told She’s “Too Big” And “Too Thin” To Model

I look at Coco Rocha and see a pretty woman. But casting directors have looked at the runway model and told her she is “too fat” and, recently, “too big” to be hired. Coco and model Carré Otis visited “Anderson” to talk about ways to protect models who start as teen girls, a subject they are both familiar with. Coco was scouted at 14, began modeling at 15, and moved into a model apartment in New York City at 16. She alluded to Anderson that she had trouble along the way as her body changed from naturally-skinny-and-girly to growing hips and boobs as an adult woman.

“[Teen girls are] thinking about their body and how they’re changing and if they’re not changing … and putting them in an industry that is treating them like adults … they do not know how to work with that,” she explained. “They’re thinking, ‘How do I please you? It doesn’t matter what I have to do. How do I please you?'” Both Coco and Carré praised initiatives like the CFDA’s decision not to work with models younger than 16. But I detected a lot of criticism — even disgust — of the industry in their voices. Maybe these two, Crystal Renn and Sessilee Lopez’s mom-ager can just take over the modeling industry and run it their way. [Styleite]

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