Halloween Inspiration Board: Super Sexy Sensual Courtney Stodden

You guys know I have a soft spot in my heart for Courtney Stodden, the teen bride who tweets almost exclusively in alliterations and singlehandedly keeps the frosted lipstick industry afloat. I also happen to think she would make the ultimate hot mess Halloween costume. The look requires very little in the realm of actual clothing, but I must warn you that it is physically demanding — a Courtney Stodden costume is not complete unless you’re teetering around in 8-inch platforms and giving fierce duck face all night. (Also! Don’t forget to use as many alliterations as possible in conversation! And bonus points for working in the word “cheeky.”) Click past the jump for all the deets!

1. Terry Romper, $29, American Apparel

2. Nude Platform Stilettos, $19.99, Ami Club Wear

3. Body Drench Quick Tan Mist, $9.54, Amazon

4. Rhinestone Hoops, $6.80, Forever 21

5. Mary Kay Frosted Lipstick, $5.50, Amazon

6. Blond Wig, $35.99, Amazon