Home Style Inspiration: Marie Antoinette

I’m reading a book about Marie Antoinette and I can’t decide if I want to be her best friend or if she was basically an 18th century version of The Real Housewives of Versailles. Maybe both? One thing’s clear though: this queen had an amazing sense of style. Her palaces were filled with sumptuous fabrics, rich colors, and intricately detailed decorations. Here are some modern day pieces to bring a little Antoinette opulence into your home…

1. Chandelier: Looking for a subtle way to spice up a room? You can’t go wrong with a giant multicolored glass bead chandelier. [$159, Urban Outfitters]

2. Vintage Frame: Ideally used to display a commissioned portrait of yourself. [$17 (set of 2), Etsy]

3. Mirrored Table Lamp: So regal. [$70, Lamps Plus]

4. Cup & Saucer: What’s better than a leisurely cup of afternoon tea? Drinking it from an elegant fleur-de-lys cup, of course. [$10, Anthropologie]

5. Velvet Jewelry Box: Keep an eye out at vintage stores for really beautiful old jewelry boxes. They are works of art in themselves. [$20, Amazon]

6. Lace Fan: Looks awesome hung up on the wall; also it’s cheaper than air conditioning. [$20, Luna Bazaar]

7. Padded Pastel Hangers: Add a couple of these to your closet and voila, instant glamor. [$10 each, The Container Store]

8. Throw Pillows: Because lounging is a must. [$29, Overstock.com]

9. Cake Stand: For obvious reasons. [$25, Amazon]